Okay so, like Gunnar Kaufman. You might be wondering, who? He’s this black street poet guy who’s like really famous right now. Well, infamous I guess. I mean, the man did cut off his pinky finger the other day. Hello! He's like totally buggin’!

But like, he wasn’t always really crazy. Actually, he was raised in Santa Monica. I mean really! I’ve been to parties in Santa Monica and let me tell you, they’re definitely way better than the ones in the Valley. So anyways, like when he was in middle school, he moved to Hillside, which is way different than Santa Monica. But obviously that isn’t a problem: as Daddy says, “Cher, doesn’t matter where you’re from, as long as you can string together a good argument you’re set in life.”

I’m not sure about arguing, but the man can write a poem. I actually have one of his books! It was one of my books of the week that I read to understand how other kinds of people live, but now I use it as a coffee-table book, it’s really interesting. The first poem he ever wrote, for example, was right after he moved to Hillside. It’s called Negro Misappropriation of Greek Mythology or, I know [N-word]s That’ll Kick Hercules’s Ass. At first I was all like confused and stuff about what it meant. I mean Kaufman is obviously all knowledgeable and everything--I mean he is writing about Greek mythology. But then the more I read the poem, the more I was like wow! We’re actually so similar. We’re both from the same general area, and we both have an appreciation for the arts! Here’s my favorite part of the poem: